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    Default Dixie Carter Comments on Signing MMA Fighters "Rampage" Jackson & Tito Ortiz

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    Dixie Carter recently spoke with The Ministry of Slam. Here are some highlights from the interview.

    On signing MMA Fighters such as Quinton Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz: "Iíve gotten criticism for bringing these guys in but when youíre looking for talent and thereís only two teams, where do you go to get your star players from? Youíre going to mostly look to each other and then every once in a while, youíve got to build your own talent which takes a lot of time.

    So here are two guys that are major superstars. Both come from wrestling backgrounds, and both are training their butts off right now to be in the ring. I think itís a great way of trying to find some superstar talent and not having to take so many years to try to grow somebodyís stardom. Both of these guys are so well-known and they love professional wrestling. They're committed and they're training, and Iím excited for people to see their potential. I think itís a great way of looking for new talent, and talent that have never been seen before in our world."

    On the recent wave of releases from the company: "Well, I think the fact that you let talent go is not any indication whatsoever of any problems. I think part of our problem is that we didnít turn the roster often enough. We only have one show so if we donít have people on the show all the time. we are not in the position to have them sitting at home and being paid and not working. I think we have to get some more programming.

    We have to be able to do that to where we can shift and make talent appear fresh, but going to another show versus sitting people at home. I think itís been a long time coming. I know that our competitor lets people go constantly. We had not done it in a long time, and I think because we had not done it in a long time, that it raised some eyebrows.

    Itís time for us to bring in some new faces, and we've got some exciting faces that will be appearing in the next several months. Itíll freshen things up somewhat. Itíll freshen up the people who are still on the roster and itíll give the fans new and unique matches that theyíve never seen before. Like always, Iím sure some of the people that are no longer with us will return at some point Ė Iím hopeful for that. I think itís a good healthy state of where weíre going and how we need to grow."

    On the Maximum Impact 2014 Tour: "Iím so excited. You know the Hydro had some excitement with the fire and everything. Iím thrilled to be able to say we are on schedule and we are going to have this show. The ticket sales are going great. This will be by far one of our largest UK shows, and by far our biggest Glasgow show. I know there are people coming in from all over Europe and even some from the United States to see this show. Itís going to be a very exciting night."

    On Bully Ray and Aces & Eights: "Bully Ray in my opinion has really stepped up and become a formidable singles champion. Heís done outstanding work. A lot of the young guys have come along under the Aces & Eights banner very quickly. I love the reformation of the Main Event Mafia; I love the younger members in there stepping up to represent our company. I think thereís going to be some interesting TV in the coming weeks."



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