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    Default Diana Hart-Smith Recalls Doctors Telling Bulldog He'd Lose His Leg If He Wrestled Match

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    David Diaz recently interviewed Diana Hart-Smith. Here are some highlights from part 1 of their interview.

    On Owen's Death: It was an accident. I always believed that and I always stand by that no matter what anybody else says.

    On SummerSlam 92: A lot of people don't know this, but Davey Boy was in the hospital for weeks before that. He contracted a flesh eating disease. The doctor's told him if he wrestled he could end up losing his leg. Davey was terrified but he knew he couldn't miss that match.

    On Vince & the WWE: Oh I love them. When Davey died they helped me out (Vince & Linda) they didnt lend me money, they GAVE me money. Vince has never asked for a penny back. He's helped Harry and Georgia too. I will forever be thankful to Vince McMahon.



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