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    Default More Details on Ric Flair Going to Rehab, Who Talked Him Into It?

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    A source has confirmed the recent rumors that Ric Flair just finished up a stint in WWE-sponsored rehab.

    Flair was there for one month. Both WWE and Flair had been trying to keep things very quiet with Flair himself lying to friends and family about his whereabouts, telling most that he had been with his daughter in Florida.

    Flair did not want to go to rehab but it was Triple H who talked him into it. As we’ve previously reported on DWN, Triple H had a new position in mind for Flair but the heat from SummerSlam weekend was in the way. Flair going to rehab could help his chances in working for the company again.

    Sources close to Flair say that there was concern of endorsement opportunities taking a hit if it went public that he was in rehab.

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    Glad to see HHH do that for Flair.

    Equally, (this is on a different note, but similar circumstances), is that I am glad Diamond Dallas Page has been helping Scott Hall and Jake the Snake get recovered as well.

    Forgive me if this is posted elsewhere:



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