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    Default More Details on Midcard WWE Talents Being Upset with Pay

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    Regarding JTG and other WWE midcard talents being upset at pay, it's said that they all got paid just $500 per night on the recent tour of Central and South America. They are used to getting paid big on international tours but this one wasn't this successful.

    When it comes to the WrestleMania 28 payoffs, WWE encourages the talents to bring their families in town for the whole WrestleMania week but the talent has to pay for it. The guys at the bottom of the roster only got paid $2,000 for the whole week, which wouldn't be much left after you factor in bringing the family in for a week and other costs. These low payoffs were a surprise and led to a lot of unhappiness, considering how WWE was touting the success of WrestleMania this year.
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