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    Default Dean Ambrose Talks About Pitching Ideas to Triple H, Sting Wrestling for WWE & KENTA Now with WWE

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    Brett Buchanan recently spoke with Dean Ambrose for rock news site Below are some highlights:

    Sting Coming to WWE: "I mean everybody has always wanted to see Sting come to WWE. Itís just been ĎStingís coming to WWE! Stingís coming to WWE!í for so long, at this point everybody is just like, ĎJust come in, just have a match, just do it, itís time.í We all obviously [want] Sting at WrestleMania. Do whatever, if heís in fighting shape, then great, I think anybody would want to be there and see that, [even if] itís a one off. I mean heís Sting. If youíre a fan of the business from any historical perspective, or if you were even just a fan as a kid, heís a very important figure in history. I think he deserves to have that one night where heís celebrated on a bigger stage, whether that be a Hall of Fame thing or a one off at WrestleMania. I think Sting as a character, and Sting as a person, for what heís been I think he deserves that one big night on the biggest stage."

    Working with Triple H: "[We ended up being able to] work with Triple H, and [I would] go up to him with what [I thought] was a brilliant idea, because I tend to think Iím pretty smart. Iíll go up and say I have a brilliant idea, and heíll shoot 10,000 logic holes in it, and Iíll go, ĎOh yeah I am stupid, thatís way smarter the way he put it.í Seeing how Triple H thinks is very educational. Kind of the same thing with Piper, seeing those guys go through their process and think about things, and bring logic to what is often an illogical form of entertainment, is pretty cool."

    KENTA signing with WWE: "When it comes to KENTA, I saw him in Japan and talked to him a little bit. Him coming in just shows you the difference in the Performance Center. When I came in it was a totally different story than what it is today. I slipped in the back door of developmental, the only guy I was even vaguely familiar with was Seth [Rollins], and I never wrestled him before. I may have crossed paths and maybe said hello to him once or twice over the years, but we were in different circles. We were always kind of on parallel paths on the indies, so I never really crossed paths with him much. But he was the only guy I had even remotely heard of, it was just a bunch of other guys."



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