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    Default Dean Ambrose: The Shield is The Backbone of the Company

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    Dean Ambrose spoke to The Fairfax times about his comparisons to WWE Hall of Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

    "I don't see how you could not take that as a compliment," Ambrose said. "He was a legend and a hall of famer. He was a guy who stirred the pot and drew a good amount of money. I feel like I haven't really done anything yet. Not that I'm holding back right now I'm just working as hard as I can in the role that I'm in. I still feel like I have a LOT of stuff in my back pocket that when the opportunity strikes there's a lot more to me than people have seen yet."

    Ambrose also discussed how he feels The Shield is the "backbone" of the company.

    We feel like were the backbone of the company, Ambrose said of The Shield. We go out there every night and show off the work ethic that rubs off on everybody we work with. We go out there every night to have the best national show whether its one or two matches, you got to work twice or whatever it is we never take a night off.

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    I'm sure the Shield will be breaking up soon. I've heard that Roman is turning into a face.



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