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    Default Dean Ambrose Comments on Wanting to Cross Paths with CM Punk & More

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    WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose recently spoke to to promote this weekend's WWE live events in Hidalgo, Texas. Here are some highlights:

    What is the goal of The Shield within the company?

    Ambrose: Our goal, from a personal standpoint, is to work harder than everyone else day in, day out. Get up earlier, train harder and work harder in the ring. This business is ours for the taking and we can take it and weíre going to. And if anyone has a problem with that, then, too bad. Also, I wouldnít call us cheaters, I would call us winners. Weíre not mercenaries, weíre not thugs. We just do whatís best for business by whatever means possible. Thatís all kind of up to you to make your own decision about whether thatís good or bad.

    Do you still kind of find it amazing that you used to watch wrestling from home and now youíre (a part of it)?

    Ambrose: Itís still very hard to wrap my brain around. I was in a main event overall last night, and that doesnít sink in. I always expected to be here, from day one Ö it was just a question of when, but it was going to happen. And from the minute I got (to WWE), I expected to be in main events (Iím not in main events all the time, Iím still climbing the ladder). I try to stay pretty humble. Just being in the locker room with guys that I watched on TV; getting advice from Arn Anderson or William Regal, that kind of stuff is really cool to me; getting to work really closely with Triple H, itís, no pun intended, a trip. Itís weird because you dream of being in this world one day and then you are and then itís just everyday life Ö and itís like, 7-foot (Big Show) walks into catering and itís like, "Whatís up, Show?"

    If you could meet anyone in the ring...

    Ambrose: Iíve had the opportunity to wrestle pretty much everybody, a huge litany of stars Ö and in my crystal ball, I see myself and CM Punk crossing paths and colliding. Ö Itís not anything thatís boiling right now.



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