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    Default DDP Talks About Steve Austin Using DDP Yoga and The Accountability Crib

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    - Diamond Dallas Page revealed that Steve Austin will start using DDP Yoga this week during an interview with John Corrigan of The Temple News:

    "One of my very good buddies, Stone Cold Steve Austin, has agreed to do it for a month while filming Redneck Island. His Hollywood stunt man swears by DDP Yoga. Steve lifts weights and does cardio for an hour a day, five days a week. I told him you only need to do my workout 20 minutes a day for three days a week and it will replace your cardio. He had to ask others for confirmation, even though the son of a gun lived with me."

    Page, also commented on being a personal trainer at the Accountability Crib in Atlanta:

    "Those guys have had major problems with alcoholism, pill abuse and drugs. Since [Roberts] moved in around October, he has lost 65 pounds. His life is back and he looks like a completely different man. As for Scott, he recently had hip surgery so we’ve been focusing on light rehab and healthy eating habits."



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