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    Default ON THIS DAY IN WRESTLING HISTORY: Edge Announced His Retirement

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    A year ago today, WWE Hall of Famer - Adam Copeland, better known to wrestling fans as Edge announced his retirement from WWE during a live broadcast of Monday Night RAW. Edge explained to bewildered viewers that he was suffering from symptoms of nueropraxia, stemming from the years following his spinal fusion surgery which meant if he continued to wrestle he may end up paralyzed or even dead.
    Below is a small part of his speech to the live audience:
    "I started in the WWE when I was 23. I've been doing this for 19 years. 14 of them with the WWE. My first match was May 10th, 1996 at Hamilton's Copps Coliseum. I was 23 years old, and I feel like I've grown up in front of all of you. I feel like I've made a whole lot of mistakes in front of you. I've learned from them, and I've become a man in front of you. I've come from being the silent guy running around the streets of New York with a trenchcoat that was way too small for him, to a pseudo vampire in The Brood, to one of the funny goofy guys along with Christian, posing for the benefit of those with flash photography. I became one of the most despised guys in the history of the WWE. As a matter of fact, I got thrown in the Long Island Sound. I had a live sex celebration. Thankfully with Lita and not Vicki Guerrero. And I would hope that through it all, I've earned the respect of everyone in that locker room. And I hope that I've earned all of your respect. Because no matter what, no matter what, I came out here and tried to give you guys as much as I had every single night. And in turn you guys gave it right back to me."

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    thnx it was a nice moment for wwe fans.............

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