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    Default David Benoit Says Things Would Be Different In WWE If His Father Was Still Alive

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    As noted, Chris Benoit's oldest son David will be making his pro wrestling debut at a Hart Legacy Wrestling event on July 18th in Calgary. He will be teaming with Chavo Guerrero. Besides training with Harry Smith, we know that he spent some time at Lance Storm's wrestling school but it's unknown how long he was there for.

    Benoit getting into the business is setting off alarms for a lot of people. While it's hard to imagine WWE ever hiring him, Benoit gave the impression during a Wrestling Gurus podcast last month that he really thinks he has a shot at getting into the company. As we mentioned before, Benoit also talked about how his father should be in the WWE Hall of Fame and talked about it like it's something that will actually happen.

    Benoit noted to Wrestling Gurus that he's been backstage at a handful of WWE events including WrestleMania 28 and the Bret Hart Appreciation Night event in Calgary, which he called a joke due to how it was put together.

    Benoit was asked what he thinks his father would be doing if he was still here and he said Chris would probably have his own wrestling school or be working with developmental talents in NXT. He noted that Chris always wanted his own school. David also feels that his father would have been inducted into the Hall of Fame by now and WWE probably would be a lot different and not PG.

    Here's some of what David said on another appearance:

    "For all you dirtsheets out there and all you fans, it was at a show in Edmonton, two years ago, I sat down in the production office, talking to one of the writers, they said 'Yup, we'll use the Benoit name again. We could do a lot with it.' There's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

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    Poor deluded kid. God only knows why he wants anything to do with the wrestling business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harbinger View Post
    Poor deluded kid. God only knows why he wants anything to do with the wrestling business.
    Fully agree on that. He doesn`t even know what he`s getting himself into if he truly gets in the WWE (which will never happen because Vince and the other guys don`t want anything too do with the name Benoit).

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    I highly doubt that if Chris Benoit were still around WWE wouldn't be PG... it was gonna be PG regardless. No one man was gonna change that.



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