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    Default Daniel Bryan Talks About Being in the Main Event and Winning Titles with Brie at Battleground

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    - Daniel Bryan recently spoke with The Miami Herald to promote WWE's Battleground pay-per-view. Here are some highlights from the interview:

    Being in the main event lately:
    "Itís been a lot of fun, and itís just surreal. It feels like yesterday I was wrestling at the armories in front of 200, 300 people. Now being in these big stories in WWE and main eventing pay-per-views, Iíve main evented every show Iíve been on the last two months, itís pretty surreal, and to do it in front of large crowds on such big shows, itís awesome. Some things happen overnight, but my rise to the top has not. Itís been a very slow, gradual buildup. So the surprises to me is where this journey has kind of ended up, not like this rush of, ĎOK, yesterday I was wrestling in an armory and today Iím main eventing [a WWE pay-per-view].í Itís been a process to get here, but thatís the fun for me. The goal for me is not the destination. The goal is to enjoy the journey, because this is an incredible experience to get to do something that not many people in this world get to do. I get to travel the world and see things and do things and go out to wrestle in front of amazing audiences. Itís special, and the important part to me is to enjoy the ride."

    The possibility of he and Brie Bella winning titles at Battleground:
    "It would be awesome. It would be something very special for us to share winning the titles on the same night. Couples doing things together, that would probably be one of the most special things we can do together."



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