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    Default Dana White Blasts Former WWE Superstar, Evan Bourne's Brother Headed to Japan

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    - UFC president Dana White put MMA veteran, and former WWE star, Ken Shamrock on blast recently in an argument related to Tito Ortiz’s rally for several other UFC veterans to crash the promotion’s 20th anniversary show. Through Twitter, Ortiz put out the call for Randy Couture, Ken and his brother Frank Shamrock, as well as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (all currently on the outs with the UFC) to buy tickets to the UFC’s landmark show.

    After White essentially called the rally laughable and insulted most involved, Ken Shamrock came back at the UFC boss, prompting White to launch into a tirade related to a lawsuit between the two that was settled in 2010.

    “Ken owes me $175,000, and I’m coming for it, Ken. I’m coming for the f—ing money, you piece of s–t. The guy owes me $175,000 because him and his scumbag lawyer put together some phony lawsuit that he lost, and he owes me $175,000 in attorney’s fees. And he’s out there talking about what he doesn’t have and what guys aren’t getting and all this s–t. He’s trying to make himself relevant again, and if anybody can’t see that, you’re just f—ing stupid.”

    - Mike Sydal (Michael Korklan), brother of WWE superstar Evan Bourne (Matthew Korklan) will be heading to Japan next week to work for the Dragon Gate promotion.

    Mike will be living in Japan for the forseeable future, while also training at the Dragon Gate dojo.



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