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    Default Damien Sandow's Road to the Top Is Very Unclear

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    WWhen many WWE superstars make their main-roster debuts, they make their way to the top of the company almost instantly.

    Take, for example, someone like Sheamus, who won the WWE championship within six months of his debut, or Alberto Del Rio, who won the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank match and two WWE titles within a year and a half of his. Heck, you can even look at a guy like Ryback, who found himself challenging for the WWE title within six months of being back on the main roster.

    For every up-and-coming star who quickly rises up the ranks of WWE, though, there are two or three stars who should do the same thing but don’t.

    Exhibit A: Damien Sandow.

    Essentially from the moment that Sandow made his debut last April, many fans have wondered when he would make his presence felt in the main event picture. Plenty of fans think it’s inevitable because Sandow has quickly impressed with his promo skills, his gimmick and his all-around talent as a performer.

    Yet, roughly a year after his debut, what once seemed like a certainty (Sandow rising to the world title and main event picture) no longer seems like a given anymore.

    It’s definitely not because Sandow isn’t talented. After all, anyone who has watched Sandow since his debut or even during his time in FCW can see that the man has all the physical tools to solidify himself as a top guy and become a main eventer down the road.

    But the booking of Sandow over the past several months has been rather odd.



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