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    Default Damien Sandow - Advice from Killer Kowalski, Advice to Aspiring Pro-Wrestler's, Working with Legends

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    - Damien Sandow recently spoke with The Carroll County Times to promote tonight's Old School RAW. Here are some highlights:

    Working with Legends:
    的知 a huge fan of the history of our business and pretty much any legend I get to interact with, I believe I can learn from. More importantly, I can compare myself to them and realize I truly am the next step in the evolution of the WWE Superstar. And I think all the fans that attend will see that.

    Advice he received from the late Killer Kowalski:
    溺ake the people notice you. It resounds in my head every single time I go through the curtain. It resounds in my head every time I知 lacing up my boots. That was Killer痴 big thing and it took me some time to understand what it truly meant. Now I do.

    Advice he would give aspiring pro wrestlers:
    敵et an education. A lot of people think being a WWE Superstar is just going to the gym and being able to take care of yourself in the ring. But there痴 so much that goes into being a WWE Superstar that a lot of people don稚 realize. And the better education you have to support and back up all that other stuff, the easier time you will have in the WWE. And that痴 speaking from experience.



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