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    Default What Was Cut From This Week's WWE RAW On Hulu

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    Here is a list of matches and segments that were cut from RAW for the Hulu edition this week:

    -The video package showing Bob Barker hosting Raw.

    - The Kane w/Daniel Bryan vs. Damien Sandow w/Cody Rhodes match.

    - Josh Mathews interviewing Brodus Clay about what Punk said about Clay on last week's Raw.

    - The video package on the contract signing with Mr. McMahon and Donald Trump for their Hair vs. Hair match at WrestleMania 23.

    - The Brodus Clay w/Cameron and Naomi vs. CM Punk w/Paul Heyman match, which features a promo by Punk after the match.

    - The video package on the best vehicular moments on Raw.

    - The backstage segment with Mick Foley and The Rock, which gets interrupted by Vickie Guerrero.

    - The Sheamus vs. 3MB Over the Top Challenge match.

    - Josh Mathews interviewing John Cena about his steel cage match with Dolph Ziggler.

    - Miz coming out to hint who his guest would be on MizTV.

    - The video package on Mike Tyson coming to WrestleMania, that Steve Austin interrupts and both men get into a brawl.

    - The Daniel Bryan w/Kane vs. Cody Rhodes w/Damien Sandow match.

    - The video package showing Matt Striker interviewing Eve on the WWE Active app, with Eve "quitting" WWE.

    - The backstage segment with AJ and Big E Langston on the weddings that happened on Raw, which includes a Dolph Ziggler promo on his steel cage match with John Cena.

    - The entrance of Jim Ross coming to ringside to call the steel cage match.

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    Why have HULU if everything is cut out like that?

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    Why does HULU cut so much?!

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    for sharing



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