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    Default Curtis Axel Says He's a Future WWE Champion

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    Curtis Axel tweeted the following about his win over WWE Champion John Cena at last night's RAW in Calgary:

    "First I take out HHH! Then I beat the @WWE Champion @JohnCena! 2-0 on RAW! Like @HeymanHustle says, You're looking at a future WWE Champion! 2-0 on RAW! Can you see me NOW???!!!"

    Cena replied this morning:

    "Congrats to @RealCurtisAxel yer damn good young man, but yer also more lucky than a horseshoe rabbits foot crammed up a leprechauns tail. Enjoy the victory @RealCurtisAxel I will not be so careless next time, @WWE you can count on that. #TheChampIsHere #RTimeIsNow"



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