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    Lightbulb Is There Concern Over Night Of Champions Ticket Sales?

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    Well, reportedly, WWE are concerned at the Night Of Champions ticket sales with Daniel Bryan focusing on media appearances for the WWE in Boston.

    As of 17:05 GMT, There ARE PLENTY of floor tickets available (as in Row B) so that is obviously a strange sign, however ALL of the lower tier is sold out with the remaining tickets scattered around the upper tier balcony but even then, only the very back row seats are available.

    So, if you want to go to Night Of Champions, you absolutely can! Hell, you can get floor seats! But anything else is going to be awkward.

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    If WWE puts the front seats on 25%-50% off then the more people would go and buy the tickets because for them it might be more affordable. But then that would mean that WWE would not be making the money they thought they would have been because of the tickets situation.



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