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    Default Complete 2012 WWE Hall Of Fame Coverage (3/31)

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    Below is a photo of the set for this year's ceremony:

    Fans are currently being seated in the arena. All of the WWE Superstars and Divas have made their way into the arena and are also being seated as well. Notable names in attendance include Diamond Dallas Page, Rhino, and Tommy Dreamer. Ex-WWE Diva Maryse has also been spotted with The Miz.

    Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler comes out onto the stage to open the ceremony. He introduces JBL, who will be inducting Ron Simmons.

    JBL tells the crowd that a "poor writer" tried helping him write his speech. JBL says that Simmons didn't just break barriers down, he shattered them. He then continued to put Simmons over some more before introducing him to the crowd.

    Simmons comes out onto the stage and says that he is humbled to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He talks a bit about his career before thanking everyone from the heart of him and his family. Simmons ends his speech with his trademark "DAMN!," which gets a huge ovation from the crowd.
    Alberto Del Rio is up next to induct his uncle, legendary Mexican wrestler Mil Mascaras.

    Del Rio says Mascaras was responsible for putting Mexican wrestling on the map. He then calls his uncle a pioneer before stating that Mascaras was the first Mexican wrestler to compete in New York City's Madison Square Garden. Del Rio then introduces Mascaras to the crowd.

    Mascaras gets a huge ovation from the crowd and gets visibly emotional as he speaks. Mascaras gave his induction speech in English, mostly about food and marriage, and received another big ovation from the crowd after finishing.
    Hall of Famer "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes comes out next to induct the legendary Four Horsemen.

    Dusty says he wants to make it clear that tonight is about professional wrestling. He says that the Horsemen were unique before calling Ric Flair "a national treasure" while referring to Arn Anderson as the "heartbeat" of the Horsemen. Dusty then talked about all of his famous feuds with the group. Dusty then puts over the other members of the group before introducing them to a huge ovation from the crowd.

    After a short speech from J.J. Dillon, Ric Flair stepped up to the microphone. The fans began chanting for him to come back, to which Flair replied "I'd like to! Don't question me about that!" Flair began to get emotional as he began to talk about his career, but said that his time with the Horsemen was the best part of it. Flair also said he watches WWE every single week, which made it seem like he coudln't wait to leave TNA. Barry Windham then gave an update on Blackjack Mulligan, stating that he is currently at home recovering from recent health issues. Tully Blanchard then takes the microphone and talks about his father, who recently passed away. Arn Anderson then steps up and gets a huge ovation from the crowd. He puts over former managers Paul Ellering, J.J. Dillon, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Arn also says he's a big fan of CM Punk and also puts over Randy Orton and John Cena. Cena's name gets booed by the crowd, but Arn says that Cena is the best human being that he knows, which gets cheers from the crowd. The Horsemen then leave the stage.
    Triple H and Shawn Michaels come out next to induct Mike Tyson.

    Triple H gives credit to Tyson with helping WWE win the "Monday Night War" with WCW. He and Shawn then play into their angle going into WrestleMania 28, and the fans start a "Shawn Is Better" chant. Tyson is then introduced.

    Tyson appeared to be nervous on stage, but talked about some of his favorite WWE Superstars. He then thanked everyone before leaving the stage.
    The late Yokozuna is up next to be posthumously inducted by The Usos and former WWE Superstar Rikishi.

    The Usos talk about how Yokozuna was "Rodney" to them growing up and how he was part of their family. Rikishi and other members of Yokozuna's family accept the induction on his behalf.

    Christian is out next for the final induction of the evening, Edge.

    Christian begins joking about Edge's brand new haircut. He then tells more jokes before getting emotional, saying that Edge is his best friend. Christian then introduces Edge, who gets a big ovation from the crowd.

    Edge talks about how the words of Bret Hart at an independent wrestling show made him keep going to continue chasing his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. He then thanks Shawn Michaels, Batista, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, The Dudley Boys, Matt and Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, and John Cena for helping him get to the top. He also thanked Lita and Vickie Guerrero, who he called the two partners that made him the "Rated-R Superstar." Edge also thanked Hulk Hogan, stating that Hogan helped him to achieve dreams "that thankfully did not involve a sex tape." Edge then brought up William Regal, who he said is the only person who can describe a body type as a "melting candle." He then begins telling stories about Tommy Dreamer, saying that Dreamer "hates fog, night tornadoes, and purple lightning." Edge also tells a story about how he once hit Dreamer with a Superfly Splash while naked, calling it a "flesh tsunami." Edge then goes on to thank Beth Phoenix for being a part of his life, saying he loves her. Edge then gets emotional as he thanks his mother, who he calls "the best tag team partner I ever had." The Hall of Fame music then hits, but Edge cuts it off and says he wants some rock & roll to end the show. The fans then begin chanting "Five Second Pose," which causes Edge to pose and Foo Fighters music to begin playing as Edge exits the stage, ending the show.

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