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    Default Which Comments About Randy Orton Caused Dolph Ziggler to Lose His Push Last Year?

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    You may remember a few month back it was reported Dolph Ziggler lost his push because of something he said in an interview around the time of SummerSlam. No other details were available but we now know that it was Ziggler's comments about Randy Orton that got him in hot water with WWE officials. Here's what Ziggler said to on September 4th:

    "I've made it clear; I'm not patient at all - several times. I've been very vocal about my position on the card and in the company. I'm not trying to say 'Hey, everybody sucks and I'm great!' But I love doing this, and at some point you go 'OK, It's not my time right now and I got to figure something out' And when it's time, that's when I must go out there and make as huge of an impact as I can and let everyone know 'I dare you to follow that, I dare you try something better.' And when they don't (counter or match what I'm doing in the ring) I'm very outspoken about it and it can get me into very hot water (with the company). Then you never know where we're going. Everybody can be just so outspoken about taller guys, and guys like Randy Orton being the face of the WWE, the WWE Championship. I dare you to put me in a back alley with Randy Orton or someone like that. I guarantee I'm not afraid of someone taller."

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    So Randy Orton went to officials to complain about this, causing Ziggler to lose the push?



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