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    Default COLUMN: Rey Mysterio - 10 Years & Out?

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    Rey Mysterio - 10 Years & Out?
    10 years ago this year, Rey Mysterio debuted in the WWE to a high flying, exciting, chaotic match against Chavo Guerrero which really saw him shine and the start of something special. 10 years later, that same man has potentially lost his career or has it?
    Rewind back to 2007, Sports Illustrated posted an infamous list of current athletes using steroids in a circle that was developing. One of the names in that list was Rey Mysterio. According to Sports Illustrated, an Arizona doctor continually gave out prescriptions for anabolic steroids between November 2004 and April 2005 (6 months before Eddie Guerrero's death). Mysterio constantly denied any form of involvement with steroids during this time and battled with the media over it.
    The same year, Chris Benoit killed his own family in the most horrendous situation ever in wrestling history. Suddenly, the media and the public's attention switched to WWE and the use of drugs within the business. WWE were destroyed for 2-3 weeks by every media outlet criticising them of their loose wellness policy and the idea that no one knew of Benoit's mindset. The biggest outcome of the Benoit murders however was a man called Dr Astin.
    Dr Astin was Benoit's physician and his prescriptions gave Benoit ample content for his mindset which was infamously described by Chris Nowinski and doctor's as "similar to an 80 year olds mind". However, Benoit wasn't exclusive within the WWE to Astin. A customer named "O.G" was registered and later confirmed as Oscar Gutierrez, otherwise known as Rey Mysterio. Mysterio made 2 visits to Astin in which he claimed he was receiving pain killers during his constant cycles of knee operations and once again during these times, he denies any kind of steroids.
    Skip forward to August 2009 and Rey Mysterio, I.C champion at that time, was suspended for his first violation and served 30 days. This was Mysterio's first official suspension which obviously didn't go down well within the WWE especially while carrying the Intercontinental Title as well as being one of the major draws of Smackdown at the time.
    The last 2 and a half years for Mysterio have not been easy times. In 2010, Rey Mysterio held an interview with claiming that "he would retire in a historic event in 3 years" and also said that "the previous suspension had been cleared up through proper documentation" and was "emotionally distraught".
    Last Year, Rey was injured again and confirmed that he would have to have surgery after an ACL injury during a match with Alberto Del Rio. Since then, many readers and fans have noticed the lack of Rey merchandise as well as losing popularity within the "WWE Universe".
    Many sources were claiming Rey Mysterio was due back next month and ready to return to the ring. This however will clearly not happen and the earliest return date for Rey will be somewhat ironically Monday 25th June 2012, the day Chris Benoit was found 5 years ago. There is however a case that Rey could be let go by WWE depending upon what the violation is. Rey is still popular for the hispanic viewer, but this viewer thinks that Rey Mysterio has potentially had his day and won't last too much longer within the WWE as a wrestler.



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