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    Default Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler Talk About the Olympics and Wrestling

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    - The Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard website recently spoke to several WWE Superstars about the Olympics taking wrestling out of their line-up. Here are some highlights:

    Dolph Ziggler:
    Ive been getting texts all day from my buddies, guys I havent talked to since high school sending me texts and Facebook messages. Its hitting close to home more than usual. I know its not 100 percent yet but there are so many Olympic events, its unfortunate theyve chosen a legitimate sport and one of the original sports ever. Its mind-blowing that its even on the chopping block.

    Jack Swagger:
    More of an Are you kidding me? type of reaction. Im so disgusted by it. Im fired up. Its no secret I wasnt the most athletic kid on the playground, but I went into it head over heels even though I wasnt good at it at first. It teaches you so much about life and thats what makes it the best sport. It teaches you discipline and dedication and how to work hard and how to sacrifice for your goals. Those are things you can apply to any area of your life, whether its your education or your career. Honestly, it turned me into a man.

    Cody Rhodes:
    [It's] extremely disappointing, but I honestly cannot see them going forward with that. Im very disappointed with the fact that theyre even considering it. This is freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. This has a rich tradition in the Olympics. I dont even want to disparage some of the sports that theyre keeping, you just dont do away with wrestling.
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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    That's nice what Swagger says!

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    thanks for sharing

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    for the info

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