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    Cool CM Punk Reveals His Favorite Raw Moment

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    WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on The Bower Show on ESPN 97.9 FM Hartford Connecticut on Thursday to promote the historic 1000th episode of Raw. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

    * When asked to name his favorite moment in the illustrious history of Raw, Punk said though there have been many great moments, his personal favorite involves former WWE Superstar Gene Snitsky. In the autumn of 2004, Snitsky punted a baby doll into the audience, which Punk says always makes makes him laugh.

    - When asked whether there was a Raw moment that made him want to become a professional wrestler, he cited watching "Rowdy" Roddy Piper on television as a child as the reason that CM Punk came into existence.

    - Punk said he can play the saxophone, and is the only instrument he plays.

    - Punk was asked about WWE's upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release, CM Punk - Best in the World. He says the title is the complete package and tells his entire story.

    "To me, it's the best DVD that WWE has ever done because it's not a wrestling DVD," Punk said. "It's a human story."

    - Punk said he's never "crossed streams" with Triple H or anyone else, doesn't own skinny jeans and has never owned a pair of Crocs™.



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