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    Default CM Punk Post Very Graphic Pic + When He Was Cleared

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    Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

    -- Word is that CM Punk was medically cleared just days before the January 7th TLC match with Ryback. If Punk had not been cleared for that show, WWE would have moved the TLC match with Ryback to tonight's episode of RAW.

    -- CM Punk posted the following message and photo on Twitter several weeks ago Hellraiser The photo is VERY graphic and features numerous needles sticking out of his knee. If you're interested, you can click here to view it. You've been warned - it's very graphic!

    -- has announced that they have launched their own iPPV streaming service with 500 titles already available for download. The company have been considering the idea for their Highspots TV service but are moving forward with several different iPPV projects.

    Some of the shows will be live streaming events, including the Pro Wrestling Syndicate Wrestlemania weekend events. Others will be taped events and interviews that are made available later for downloading, including the most recent Extreme Rising event and events from PWX in North Carolina. The most recent PWX event was available for download hours after the event ended.

    The company recently used the technology to film a shoot interview called "A Full Case of Tales with Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs" and making the interview available the same day. Here's a synopsis of the interview, which you can find here.

    This is without hyperbole one of the best interviews we have ever done. These two have travelled all over the world and hold absolutely nothing back in this truly tell-all interview about sex, drugs and wrestling.

    You will hear all about how these two met and became friends. Then we jump forward to Corino's "wrestling rehab" angle, the revelation of Jimmy Jacobs as his sponsor and the Kevin Steen reinstatement angle that eventually spawned the group known as SCUM and became Ring of Honor's hottest angle of 2012. All of this is covered in great detail including why Jim Cornette was never a fan of the Steen vs. El Generico feud, with a ton of insight from Corino about the backstage vibe at Final Battle 2010 when Steen lost the career versus mask match.

    Both ROH veterans, Corino and Jacobs compare the management styles of Gabe Sapolsky, Adam Pearce, Delirious and Jim Cornette in one of the most insightful discussions we've ever captured on film about the inner workings of Ring of Honor. If you are an ROH fan this is a true can't miss interview as tons of backstage stories and conversations were recounted.

    But we delve into so much more than Ring of Honor. We talk about life on the independents, disappoints one encounters as a wrestler, travelling, being able to balance wrestling with an existence in the real world, indy wrestlers being signed by developmental and more.

    This is an invaluable interview for current or aspiring wrestlers as both men share SO much knowledge about angle development, ring psychology, getting heat, what's good heat and what's bad heat plus so much more. It's a master class in psychology told in between hilarious stories.

    And the stories are incredible. Hear about the time Corino almost got shot by a fan in Puerto Rico during a match. Hear about the backstage fight between Sandman and Jack Victory in ECW. Hear about when an entire locker room rushed into the ring trying to attack Jimmy Jacobs, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli. From drinking Jay Briscoe's blood to dating Becky Bayless to scoring drugs with Zach Gowan, Jimmy Jacobs holds absolutely nothing back. Both wrestlers give some of the most honest testimonials about drug use in the business we've ever heard.

    Steve even shares a never-before-told story that he originally said he was saving for his book. But as the Jack Daniels continued to flow and the hour grew late, Steve finally gave in and what followed was the unbelievable story of Corino, Dory Funk Jr., Dory's wife, Jack Brisco, Missy Hyatt and their wild night of sex.

    You've never heard anything like A FULL CASE OF TALES with JIMMY JACOBS & STEVE CORINO. It's the true something-for-everyone interview. Almost 2 hours of insane stories, insight into the wrestling business and absolute honesty from two amazing minds who have been around the world."

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    where is the pic?
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    for the info Where is the pic?

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