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    Default CM Punk on If His Pipe Bomb Segment Helped Daniel Bryan Any

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    CM Punk commented on if his pipe bomb segment helped Daniel Bryan get to where he's at.

    "You know what, thatís not for me to say. I know how I feel about a lot of things. Certain things that I say would maybe sound like a bit of bitterness or professional jealousy or something like that, but thatís not even the case. Thatís why I donít really vocalize it. That dude is here because he paid his dues and heís good. Thatís the same reason Iím here. Weíre both a testament to ďYou love something, you do it, you work hard at it, and you become the best at it.Ē Do I think I maybe helped change the perception of stuff? Yeah, absolutely. Would he still be in the same spot if I didnít do that? Yeah, I think so."



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