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    Default CM Punk Makes Child & Mother Cry at WWE Event, "Hardcore" Comments

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    CM Punk saved a message on Twitter from an upset fan about being snubbed by him on Wednesday in Nottingham, England outside the Nottingham Capital FM Arena. Writing to AJ Lee (and not Punk), the message states, "Wish I could of said hello to you today. My mum asked cm punk nicely and he made me and my mum cry. I don't like him anymore."

    The fan is claiming that as fans were snapping photos of Punk outside the venue, her mother asked Punk permission to do so as well. Punk gave an angry response, as the fan claims he shouted at both of them.

    Last week on Twitter, former WWE star Bob "Hardcore" Holly criticized Punk for not being friendlier to fans:

    Carla.WWEFamilyRocks @carlaking900
    @TheBobHolly I just wish they all had ur thinking Bob. I've been tweeting 2 @CMPunk 4 mnths, he's blanking me completely I'm sure!xx

    @carlaking900 @CMPunk Yea i will NEVER understand , u all made him who he is, he didnt do it by himself, if not for u, they wouldnt be paid

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    Why didn't they just ask cena ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Villain View Post
    Why didn't they just ask cena ?
    You're forgetting something, we are opposite to the American Fans. We boo Cena and like the Heels!



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