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    Thumbs up CM Punk Explains Why He Tapes Up His Wrists

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    In an interview with WWE Magazine CM Punk explains why he tapes up his wrists for every match.

    "With taping up my wrists, there's both an aesthetic and a utilitarian purpose," he says. "Obviously, I'm big on imagery with Straight Edge. As for X'ing up the current CM Punk, mostly uses red pen—it's my favorite color. But on the other end of the spectrum, taping up my hands and wrists helps me grip whomever I'm wrestling as well as the ropes. If I have a strained wrist, you'd never know thanks to the tape job. So it's both functional, and it looks cool. Plus, it takes less than a minute to tape up both wrists, so it's certainly not a time consuming process."

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    That was a pretty cool tidbit. thanks.



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