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    Default CM Punk Calls The Pope A 'Nazi' - Kurt Angle Responds

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    CM Punk tweeted a Nazi joke about the news that Pope Benedict XVI is retiring due to his age at the end of the month. Benedict has been often criticized for his participation in the Hitler Youth program in the late '30s, a participation that he defended by saying that all children who grew up in Germany were forced to join the group. Punk retweeted the following from a fan, calling the joke "magic":

    "The pope resigned? I did nazi that coming."

    When someone else replied to it saying that Punk was pushing the envelope, Punk replied:

    "Oh piss off. Pope was a nazi."

    UPDATE: Kurt Angle posted the following to Twitter in response to CM Punk's comments about The Pope being a Nazi:

    "Cm Punk Should thank GOD that the Pope is a forgiving Man. Because Even the Pope Could Whip Punk's skinny ass"

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    Angle either seems to be a religious man or maybe he wants the spotlight which is all on Punk these days .

    Who cares if someone calls Pope a Nazi , its just an opinion if a normal guy says it no one will even bother .

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    I as German can say that if someone of us gets called a Nazi I don't care. That was in the past and were now a very democratic country. So if someone says that, don't f*** up about that and let em talk.

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    I'm not a believer and dont really care about the church. Joke is funny, never heard it before and will definitly use it in the future

    I guess you did nazi that coming either, didnt you??
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    Kurt Angle is an idiot

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