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    Default Clarification on The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak Ending

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    Regarding The Undertaker's Streak ending, a major misconception has been that it was Taker's call to end it. It is almost surely true that if he didnít want to have it ended, he could have put up a fight and it most likely would not have happened, so to an extent, that is true.

    However, Taker was scheduled to win until some point a few days before the match when Vince McMahon changed his mind, based on Taker's physical condition and the feeling that there was a good chance this was his last match.

    As far as Undertakerís reaction when Vince suggested it, only he and McMahon know for sure. One friend of Taker's said he was talked into it while another person very close to the situation said that Taker didnít argue the decision.

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    Its sad to see that match wasn't as good as few of his previous matches but at the same time I think Vince made the right call.

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    Few days before Vince changes the decision for a main WM match? uhhhh, I don't buy this... That's a risky decision to throw into the mix days before WM

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    I don't mind the streak being broken, but I'm just pissed at the fact that Lesnar broke it.



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