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    Default Chris Masters saves his mother from a burning house

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    Chris Masters saves his mother from a burning house
    Just days ago, the “Masterpiece” came to his mother’s rescue after she was reportedly barricaded inside a burning house by a crazed man.
    With some help from his improbably enormous biceps, Masters (born Chris Mordetzky) ripped a tree from its roots and used it to smash through a window to reach his panicked mother.
    In the end, the cops arrested the psycho and everybody escaped without injuries, aside from some scrapes on Masters’ always-flexing arm.
    During his WWE heyday, Masters was known for his full-nelson Masterlock, from which no man could escape. It seems that, along with applying unbreakable locks, Masters is quite adept at busting through real ones.
    Naturally, the Internet memes started popping up immediately after the heroic rescue.

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