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    Default Chris jericho, undertaker and kane updates

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    People have asked us about the status of The Undertaker, Kane and Chris Jericho so here is an update.

    In the case of Taker, no as always there is a shroud of secrecy around his status but I have been told that no one expects him to return to the ring before WrestleMania. It's not 100% that he will return then either but I have been told that if he is coming back in the near future it will be to set up a program for Mania and expect it to happen in 2012.

    As for Kane, there is a lot of talk that he could return as a surprise participant in The Royal Rumble in January.

    In the case of Jericho, he is still a "free agent" though no one I talk to expects him to even consider signing with TNA. If he returns to action it will be for WWE and the most popular opinion is if that happens it will be in time to get a WrestleMania match and payday. There is practically no chance that any of the above will return to WWE before 2012.

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