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    Default Has There Been a Change In CM Punk's WWE Status?, Backstage Note on AJ Lee's Return

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    - There has been a lot of speculation that with AJ Lee returning to WWE, her husband CM Punk could be the next to return. Speculation continued when WWE announced that they were featuring CM Punk on WrestleMania Rewind this week.

    Word is that there are no plans for Punk to return just yet. With Punk's current contract expiring on July 17th, WWE sources maintain that nothing has changed with his WWE status.

    It's also said that AJ's return has "no bearing at all" on WWE's relationship with Punk. One source believed WWE has had very little contact with Punk since he left.

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    No "lets give her the title ASAP!" bearing whatsoever, no siree!

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    Thirsty WWE officials....



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