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    Default Cena's Character Ripped For Bad WWE Storylines, Too Cool

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    Online technology news website published an article today criticizing WWE's storytelling ability, but more specifically, John Cena. To writer Chris Sims, nobody embodies the problem more than "The Champ," whose character is often promoted at the expense of others.

    On the Dec. 3 RAW, WWE chief Vince McMahon had authority figure Vickie Guerrero add the stipulation of Dolph Ziggler putting his World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank contract on the line in his match against Cena at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs. For this disregard of storylines, Sims ripped WWE, writing, "It's the most blatant example of pulling strings to give him an endless amount of chances, and to make matters worse, it's a pointless storytelling move. It doesn't matter what the outcome is; if he loses, it doesn't mean anything because it's become evident that he'll just be given another chance. If he wins, he doesn't really gain anything because he's in the exact same spot that he always is, and Ziggler loses some of his legitimacy to fix something that ain't broken."

    What do you think?

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