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    Post Cena wants change in his character.

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    Reportedly Backstage Heat On John Cena.

    Apparently, John Cena is not happy with his current character and is demanding a character change. Last week on Monday Night Raw, Cena walked out of the ring which even puzzled CM Punk. The segment between Punk and Lawler was supposed to happen 5 minutes later. There was a heated argument between Triple H and John Cena after this incident happened. John Cena is not happy with his character, attire and everything related to it, as he is doing the same for 7 yrs. Cena wants a change in his character to adapt to the present changes and to get appreciated by the WWE universe. Cena is not happy with the response that he is receiving from the WWE universe. He puts in a lot of effort and his work load is more than anyone in the WWE. Vince and Cena are going to plan things out and work out on this differences. So, this just proves that, its just not us, even Cena is unhappy with his character.
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    Looking to Cena Old Style
    I Really... Wanna New Style That'll Like the WWE Fans of Him
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    I've found the source for this as well, have a read:

    He better get a complete character change like seriously. He has been growing stale since 2008.
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    Good move by Cena, Hopefully he gets a change soon.

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    This is nothing new since Cena has been talking about wanting to change his character for a long time now. But it looks like he's reached his boiling point.



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