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    Default Bully Ray Q&A Highlights: Any Regrets?, How Long He Plans to Wrestle, Cena, Punk, Fandango and More

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    - Bully Ray answered fan questions on Twitter this weekend. Here are some highlights:

    how many years do ya plan to wrestle?
    As long as I can perform and make $$$.

    what do you think of Fandango?

    who on the tna roster could be a future world champ?

    Bully, looking back do you have any regrets about your career or would change anything?
    Better shape early on

    are you 100% over ecw?

    Where do you rank Bruno Sammartino as far as the best of all time ?
    Define "best"??

    Thoughts about John Cena?
    Total pro!!

    Who's your favorite WWE Wrestler currently ?

    Other then yourself who is your all time favourite wrestler?
    Terry Funk

    What do you think about the X-Division?
    Exiting to watch.

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    Nice Q&A

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    Political answers

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