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    Default Bully Ray – The Heel Report Week 51 (2012-2013 Season)

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    Another week closer to Wrestlemania and the card is finally starting to fill up. It is a shame that all the attention is being paid to the part-timer feuds and none to the mid-card build. Sure these guys are what brings the money in but really they sell themselves, hell you could have just announced the top three matches, had zero build and people still would have bought the event in their droves. Instead it is the feuds that need attention that aren’t really getting any, especially in regards to the mid-card belts, where if either gets a match it will only be booked right before the big show, hell we can’t even be sure who Cesaro would defend against. On the flip side of things TNA seems to be going strong since Bully’s big reveal, but with so long until their next PPV you have to wonder if they can keep this momentum up.

    Weekly Top Ten:

    1st Place: Bully Ray (10/10)

    The Leader of the Aces & 8s had been confirmed as such and thank god. I seriously did not want Jeff Jarrett or Eric Bischoff to be behind things as that is tired, old and wouldn’t lead to anything new. I’m glad TNA chose Bully Ray as he is the man who has grown the most this past year and now is in a spot nobody thought he would be in, holding the TNA title. The next step is to see how long he can keep the damn thing!

    2nd Place: Jack Swagger (9/10)

    The Real American seems to have somehow garnered him some fan support as he was getting a pretty loud ‘USA!’ chant during his vicious beat down of Ricardo and Del Rio, which just goes to show that Americans are crazy! With or without the crowd support Swagger not only took out his rival on Raw but also beat Chris Jericho for the second time in a row on Smackdown. Talking of Jericho I make this three face turn opportunities that Jack Swagger has missed now in his career. The first was against Jericho when he cashed in his MitB briefcase, could have easily been transitioned into a face then, the second was when he was involved with Michael Cole and he gave Swagger the perfect opportunity to stick it to him and turn face in a big way, and this third time when they gave him time off to reinvent himself and for some reason he came back as an anti-immigrant heel rather than a patriotic baby-face. Will this latest face-turn denial result in a second world title run? Probably not.

    3rd Place: Wade Barrett (8/10)

    The Barrett Barrage did pretty well this week, retaining his IC title in a triple threat match against the Miz and Chris Jericho, taking out R-Truth on Main Event, and doing a nice job of commentary on Smackdown. Strangely for someone who hasn’t even got a match booked for Wrestlemania yet, Barrett seems to be getting a lot of mic time, pretty much every time he appears which gets him lots of exposure and lots of points. Will this lead to a big push in the near future? I’m not so sure.

    4th Place: C.M. Punk (7/10)

    Punk took things to the next level this week and went to that place where you end up impersonating the recently dead. Sure apparently it is what Paul Bearer would have wanted but it is in pretty poor taste and Punk is good enough to have come up with something better without relying on a real death or a fake urn.

    5th Place: Greatest ‘IT’ Factors (6/10)

    A nice title defence for the heel team, more importantly, it led Bad Influence to interfere, help them retain, and then the attack after the match should have done enough to set up a feud between the two teams that everyone has been wanting, now can it live up to expectations?

    6th Place: Fandango (5/10)

    That damn jammy Johnny Curtis! Somehow he has managed to manoeuvre himself into a potential match with Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. It might of taken him forever to get to the main roster and he still hasn’t had a real match yet, but if this match actually takes place it will be a big deal for the guy and if he only gets one match on the main WWE roster, then if it is at Wrestlemania with a guy like Jericho then it all might be worth it.

    7th Place: Kenny King (4/10)

    The X Division has taken some interesting new turns, although they will probably last about three weeks but nevermind. It will be interesting to see it while it lasts and hopefully this will force TNA to actually feature some X Division talent rather than letting the division dwindle down to a couple of guys.

    8th Place: Dolph Ziggler (3/10)

    The Zig Zag man is finally racking up the wins in the lead-up to Wrestlemania and even has a match for the tag team titles at the event. I think we are all surprised that the seemingly set in stone disintegration of Team Hell No never actually took place, but it is no bad thing really as while the team are no longer as entertaining as they were, we have already seen a Kane vs. Daniel Bryan rivalry as that is how the team formed in the first place, so having the two break up and feud really has no special attraction to it.

    9th Place: Damien Sandow (2/10)

    Sandow, while reunited with his tag team partner Cody Rhodes, did a good job on his own this week of accumulating some points, talking his usual jive and for the most part preserving himself through walking away from R-Truth and having a brawl on Smackdown.

    10th Place: Mark Henry (1/10)

    The World’s Strongest Man didn’t have as successful a week as he did in the last as he lost his feet at the hands of the Ryback, however he did manage to crush Zack Ryder, and guarantee himself a match at Wrestlemania, which is not too shabby.

    2012-2013 Season Top Ten:

    1st Place: The Big Show (242)

    2nd Place: CM Punk (241)

    3rd Place: Dolph Ziggler (191)

    4th Place: Alberto Del Rio (179)

    5th Place: Daniel Bryan (174)

    6th Place: Robert Roode (157)

    7th Place: Damien Sandow (143)

    8th Place: Austin Aries (131)

    9th Place: Bully Ray (123)

    10th Place: Antonio Cesaro (120)

    (Heel Hall of Fame)

    **Heel Report 2010-2011 Winner: The Miz**

    **Heel Report 2011-2012 Winner: Cody Rhodes**

    Weekly Filler:

    The Face-Off: Michael Cole – “The familiar noise of the Shield”

    Not much else to complain about this week, just that Michael Cole needs to think more carefully before he talks about the best booked unit in the WWE for a long time. What’s more he also had no idea who the Black Widow was despite the Avengers being one of the highest grossing movies of all time, it just shows that this guy is now far too old to get current popular culture and is still stuck in that mindset where comic books and video games are considered weird and uncool, when in reality there is more money in comic book movies right now than anything else and most everybody plays some form of video game at least once a day, sure there is still a ‘geek scene’ and people that take this stuff too seriously and their lives suffer because of it, but in general these things are more mainstream than ever and the WWE needs to reflect this given its target audiences.

    Face the Facts: Bailey vs. Paige

    It wasn’t a long match but both women looked great and like they could handle themselves in the ring, once again confirming that the sooner the WWE calls the divas of NXT up to the main roster the better everything will be, although despite having talent and beauty these women still might be abused and forgotten so maybe we should hope for the opposite; keep the ladies on NXT and give them a proper division and title to fight over.

    On the Rise: AJ on Commentary

    Speaking of talented ladies I have to say that AJ did a damn good job of representing herself on commentary, coming across as part savvy, part crazy. She also showed her full commitment to her character and Ziggler himself, exclaiming that she wants his babies when he fameassered Kofi Kingston apart from anything else. AJ was the exact opposite of Michael Cole, true to form, putting the guy in the ring over, and not only knowing but actually making pop culture references, which is something I strongly believe should take place in wrestling more. The WWE seems to think that employing soap opera writers is the way to go as they know drama and are used to the format of writing for daily shows, however I think that the WWE would do better to look to snag some SNL and talk show writers, who are used to nearly the same writing schedule, but also specialise in contemporary, if at often times rather lame or broad, humour, which is what has always worked in the WWE anyway. Just look at those anger management sketches for Team Hell No a while back, they had a very SNL feeling to them and people ate them up. Sure knowledge of the wrestling imagery is also required, but I would pick comedy over drama any day, guys know how to get intense and threaten, and the wrestling world naturally tends towards violence and conflict, what the writers need to do is inject comedy and relevance to these rivalries to make them entertaining outside of the idea that two people are attempting to pin each other’s shoulders to the mat.

    Flat-Footed: Lesnar vs. HHH

    I am really not thrilled by this rivalry and it seems like neither was the crowd on Monday Night Raw. It seems like a pattern when it comes to HHH, he makes announcements, moves and matches that he thinks a crowd will be compelled by, and he is always disappointed. At this point he seems to get a lot more respect and praise for his backstage decisions than he does his in-ring antics. He already has a storied career and really doesn’t need to add any more accolades to his long list, what’s more he seems to **** up most things he touches if they involve current roster members, so I’m really hoping that this is the Game’s last Wrestlemania, although I somehow doubt it since we are one away from thirty and why the hell would HHH let Brock Lesnar be the one to retire him on the grand stage?



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