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    Default Brutus Magnus Defends Jeremy Borash Against Bischoff's Comments

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    TNA star Brutus Magnus took to twitter to defend Jeremy Borash against comments that Eric Bischoff made on his facebook last night. Magnus tweeted: "Jeremy Borash is one of the hardest working and loyal people TNA has ever had," he added; "Aren't people supposed to be MORE mature as time goes on, not less?" If this is not an angle then Magnus has taken a rather risky political move to speak out in this manner.
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    "Just had a beer here in Nashville. Bartender asked me I worked for the boss 'Jeremy Borash.' When I asked 'WTF' that was supposed to mean, I was told emphatically that Jeremy has represented himself as an 'owner' of TNA. Jeremy is a low rent bit player who should be fortunate he has a job."



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