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    Default Brock Lesnar Absent From WrestleMania Media, HOF Update

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    According to an article on, it looks like highlights from every induction this Saturday will be airing on the Tuesday special. They also mention that people can access exclusive content on the WWE App during the airing of the special.

    -- During a rerun of this week's RAW in The UK, CM Punk cut a pre-recorded promo saying he can't wait to beat up both Ryback and John Cena, suggesting some sort of triple threat match might be taking place during the upcoming tour.

    More interestingly, however, with regards to the Undertaker appearing at the Smackdown taping in London, he is advertised to be competing in a 6 man tag match against The Shield, with Randy Orton & Sheamus as his tag team partners.

    -- Brock Lesnar is doing no WrestleMania media at all, which tells you what a sweet deal he cut. He was difficult for UFC, but he did do at least the major media. Paul Heyman is out doing most of the media. Lesnar didn't speak at the press conference, nor did The Undertaker.



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