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    Default A British Point of View: Showcase of the Debuts

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    What a bizarre build up we have had this year to WrestleMania. Iím caught between two places because as you know I have always made the effort to fly to the good old US of A for the grand daddy of them all but this year I was unable to make it. I have attended 6 WrestleManiaís and the last one I missed was WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta and we all know how everybody felt about that show too. That being said I do have higher hopes for this event than I did for 27 though.

    This year we have two matches with two debuts, something WWE NEVER do. Chris Jericho will take on Fandango and Big E. Langston will be teaming with Dolph Ziggler to go for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

    Both will likely obtain the victory as is normal practice for a wrestler starting out with a new character but you canít help but wonder is this really the place to do this? Yes we are crying for people to get a more deserving spot on the card at Mania but is the only way WWE can make anyone interested in Fandango is by having his first match on the show of shows?

    Fandango a.k.a. Johnny Curtis from NXT is certainly someone who when they first appeared seemed to have a good look and charisma. He grew on NXT and transformed from the blue chipper to the slimy character which was always trying to steal girlfriends and cause trouble in relationships whilst disturbingly rubbing himself in the backstage area. When Johnny made his WWE appearance I realised Fandango isnít just a ballroom dancer gimmick, Johnny is transitioning that creepiness in to this new character as evidence by his creepiness towards the divas and the constant need to rub himself on the stage during his dancing. Whilst it certainly isnít the character for the long run it is something that he can use to make a name for himself.

    Johnny has been in the developmental system within WWE for many years now and has been begging for this chance. WrestleMania is as big a chance as he could ever hope for and WWE are pushing him every way possible from the big debut match to the over the top entrance pyro he is getting. Letís just hope that Johnny isnít drowned out by chants of you canít wrestle in New Jersey this year.

    On the other hand we have Big E. Langston. Langston stands out in many ways, he is a big guy (and thatís just his thighs) he has a prescence but he also seems to have something about him if you read his Twitter feed. The guy is always full of comedic remarks and seems to carry quite a bit of charisma himself. He has already in the past tried to make a bit of humour on the microphone when he did his best impression of an announcer from the 1950ís a while back in a backstage segment with Dolph Ziggler. Granted, these havenít always come off very well with the crowd but this guy does look like heís more than just a monster, this guy doesnít look like he needs a mouthpiece to make it big. Obviously, only time will tell this but I do think heís going to get a big credit to his name this year by winning the Tag team Championships in his very first match.

    WWE understands that it cannot keep using part timers to make WrestleMania look good and bring in buy rates, but is making people have debuts on WrestleMania a quicker way of making these guys seem bigger than they actually are?

    Itís a common phrase but time will only tell. Good luck to these guys as they need to try and make their moment stand out that much brighter come April 7th.

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