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    JSullivan List
    5. Sensational Sherri.

    Sherri Martel was in the wrestling business for 26 years before her life was taken in the form of an accidental overdose in 2007.

    Sherri featured for both WWE and WCW, but was much better known for her performances in the former. She is famous for her role as a manager, having managed some of the greatest stars to grace the ring such as; Jake ĎThe Snakeí Roberts, ĎMacho Maní Randy Savage, The Honky Tonk Man, Ric Flair, the duo of Harlem Heat, Ted DiBiase and who could forget the infamous Shawn Michaels.

    Sherri managed to capture many titles across many promotions, but most lucratively the ďWWFĒ Divas championship. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006.

    4. Awesome Kong/Kharma

    Having only Debuted in 2002, Kong has come along in leaps and bounds, and is now recognised by most as the top diva in the business today.

    Kharma was snapped up by the WWE, and sidelined somewhat swiftly due to falling pregnant, she is however well respected in-ring and in her brief appearances before hiatus in the WWE, she made a huge impact dominating several members of the roster. Despite her Heel role, she is often cheered by fans. She is well known for her pure intimidation, something that is unparalleled by most female wrestlers of the past and present.

    Kong spent 5 years wrestling in Japan, somewhere many wrestlers struggle to break due to the level of performance expected in-ring, something much more overlooked amongst the western promotionsí fans.

    During her career thus far she has established herself as a decorated champion, capturing 16 titles since her debut, and it is only a matter of time before she takes the biggest wrestling stage of them all by storm: The WWE.

    3. Trish Stratus

    Stratus began working as a Manager in the WWE in 2000, and quickly started climbing the ladder.
    Often playing a promiscuous character, she used her beauty and charm to often distract in-ring competitors who faced her clients, just enough to cause them to throw matches away; a well known example of this was during the T&A and Dudley Boys feud.

    Trish is one of the very few Divas to have held a non-female title in the form of the WWE hardcore championship. She has also held the Divas title for a total of 7 times, was the reigning ďbabe of the yearĒ for 3 years,.

    Trish stopped her full time schedule for the WWE in 2007, and has made sporadic appearances since; she is almost certainly expected by most to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame before long.

    2. Chyna

    Yes, you heard it. Despite all of her out-of-ring controversy, there is a fantastic wrestler inside.

    Chyna was known for her delinquency, often getting heavily involved in her clients matches during her role as a manager, but alongside this, she is also an accomplished wrestler in her own right.

    The ninth wonder of the world (as she was dubbed by the WWE) has had her career overshadowed by her current choice of profession, her seemingly aimless rants over twitter and further controversy surrounding her personal life, but that is not for us to judge, for we are here only to bask in her ability to entertain us (whatever your motives for watching her on the TV is).

    Chyna was so attached to her in-ring name, she legally changed it.

    Chyna almost became a WCW legend, she was set to be hired as a lone female competitor in the N.W.O. She had accepted the offer, but quickly withdrew as she was offered a contract with the WWE instead and the rest is history.

    Chyna made a huge impact on the wrestling scene, despite her lack of title reigns, she managed to hold the Intercontinental title twice, once in co-ownership with Chris Jericho.

    Chyna will likely never be inducted into the Hall of Fame due to soured relationship with former Partner Triple H (who looks set to take control of the WWE once Vince steps down) and the McMahon family in general. She also has a bad relationship with Sean Waltman (X-Pac), who is often considered in somewhat high regard amongst WWE officials.

    Despite all of her controversy, none can deny the fantastic ability of Chyna, and the legacy she left behind.

    1. The fabulous moolah
    Moolah debuted into the wrestling business in 1949, long before most of us were born!

    Moolah was a great trainer after her in-ring career fizzled out, but beforehand she was declared the first WWE Divas champion, a title which she held a total of 4 times during her tenure. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995, and was the first female wrestler to do so.

    Moolah is a difficult one to talk about. Her impact in the business has shockwaves throughout what we have seen over time, but her influence isnít always recognised. Due to my age, I canít comment too much on her in-ring ability, but it is well documented through the success she had. We may not pysichally have seen the work she put in directly in our lifetime, but we can see the effect she has had on female wrestlers ever since her debut all those years ago.

    Moolah has somewhat of a bag stigma attached to her personal life, but fortunately this isnít touched upon so much, although this is mostly due to the high regard she is held in for her dedication to the business.

    Moolah continued her appearences for the WWE sporadically after her initial retirement, mostly participating in promos before her death in 2007 at the age of 84.

    Well, thatís my top 5 list. There were many ĎDivasí that could have got into the list, but deciding just 5 out of many was very difficult a choice. I have listed some honorary mentions.

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this, Iíd like to hear your opinions and if there is anyone you feel should have been given a mention.

    akbar List
    The criterion for my list is women with the most impact in the wrestling business, so here goesÖ

    5. Chyna

    Regardless of all the crazy things she is doing now, when I was young I only knew one women wrestler and that was Chyna. The most pumped up women wrestler in history got to hang with the boys. She was part of one of the greatest stables ever, DX. She wrestled pretty much like a dude, from lifting guy and performing actual wrestling moves made for men. She might not be a nice person but her impact on the wrestling world is undeniable.

    4. Wendi Richter

    Her match finally defeating the Fabulous Moolah for the title was the most watched wrestling match in MTV history. In the time of MTV generation she helped well to put WWF in the young generation, her partnership with Cyndi Lauper. Who Iíve never really heard of but I hear she was huge back in the 80s must have worked really well to get WWF in the mainstream, in terms of the women side. She held multiple world titles and ruled the 80ís so that is why she makes it number 4 on my list.

    3. Lita

    My favourite womenís wrestler of all time, she had real character and personality, the tom boyish look worked great for her and attitude. Iím a mark for Jeff hardy and high flying wrestling so I guess Lita was the womenís version of that, she jumped of everything from top rope to ladder. Not forgetting that she was involved was crazy ass memorable angles. Lita/Kane was just plain weird and Lita/Edge was fun to watch and that is why she is number 3 on my list.

    2. Trish Stratus

    In terms of women I actually watched wrestle constantly, Trish stratus has to be the greatest women wrestler of all time in terms of wrestling abilities. Her amazing athletic skills were credit to her work ethic and the moves she pulled were amazing. On top of being a great wrestler and performer, she was hot as hell; her sex appeal helped her catch a lot of interest from the media. She done a lot magazine shoots which helped her fame on top of the credibility she has in wrestling.

    1. Fabulous Moolah

    This women will be on top of every single list thatís made about womenís wrestling, and Iím pretty sure my opponents list will have her at number 1 (if she is not then I guess his already lostÖnah Iím kidding). Let me just remind you of the boring facts that you lots already probably know, held the womenís title from 1956 to 1984. 28 years a single person was the champion, imagine how that would feel if someone kept the title for that long in our time (mind you Alberto del rioís reign felt like he held it for longer than 30 years lolísÖnah Iím just kidding). No one dominated sport or entertainment that I can think of like moolah did in wrestling. Itís just de facto to put moolah at number; a law of wrestling if you like.

    So here we have it my list, call me arrogant but this list is pretty awesome I have to say, all the women I listed deserve their spot and maybe some orders can be argued but regardless hope you all vote for me. Thank you and good bye



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