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    shawn rebecca

    Default Biggest Drawbacks as the Top WWE Star

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    has undoubtedly been the WWE’s biggest Superstars over the past decade, but there are drawbacks. Aren’t there?

    Although usually injury free and able to work around minor nicks and bruises, Cena’s history of major injuries makes him somewhat of a liability moving forward. The 35-year-old, former 12-time world champion isn’t getting any younger, which should cause the WWE to find its replacement for Cena sooner than later.

    Always the polarizing figure, Cena deals with a ubiquitous anti-Cena contingent that follows him to every arena. This is unlike anything previous top stars in the WWE had to deal with, whether it be Bruno Sammartino, Steve Austin, The Rock or Hulk Hogan.

    Although some would argue that Cena’s polarizing nature has actually helped the WWE’s business, with fans given the option to decide their true feelings for Cena and react accordingly.

    John Cena remains the undisputed top full-time Superstar in the WWE. But as time goes on, the negatives will only outweigh the positives.



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