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    Default Beth Phoenix Talks Divas Leaving WWE, If She Wants To Return, Trish Stratus

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    Arda Ocal recently spoke with former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix. Here are some highlights.

    Has she had the itch to return to professional wrestling yet? 的 never wanted to be that person who said, I値l never come back, I知 retired, I知 done and then in a couple of years get the itch. I haven稚 said I値l never ever be back because I don稚 know what opportunity will come up that I値l find to be really awesome.

    If the number of divas that have left the WWE in the past year is a coincidence: 的 think it just timed out that way because lots of times with the girls there is a window of opportunity and a lot of the girls that left kind of came in at the same time. The women痴 division there are so few of us, you can only see me wrestle Kelly so many times.

    What made Trish Stratus an icon: 鉄ometimes people like to remember the controversy, that痴 what stands out, but I think I would rather look at the content of someone痴 career. She always welcomed whatever kind of physicality that needed to take place in the ring. She was tough as nails, she never complained and worked for what she had and you have to respect that.
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