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    Default Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres Go to War Over Twitter

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    This Sunday at WWE Vengeance, Eve Torres will challenge Beth Phoenix for the Divas championship.

    Beth Phoenix ranted about Eve Torres on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon:

    "@EveMarieTorres the message you sent on Monday was as muddled as your makeup. But I understand. U have a hard time fitting tried so hard to be Kelly's BFF but was she offering her spot in the Maxim 100 to you? Some friend."

    "So now you are trying to fit in with @NatbyNature and I, the "wrestlers" by thinking u are in our league?? Sorry @EveMarieTorres. You cant lace our boots.. at #vengeance I'm show the world why YOU are the outcast. You don't fit in. And let you cry about it. #crybabycry"

    "The other Divas respect @NatbyNature and I. The Rookies worship the ground we walk on and @thebellatwins are always admiring our power and style. Its hard to be humble when everyone around you places you on a pedestal. Its okay to admire. We lead by example. #pinupstrong

    Eve Torres defended herself against Phoenix' verbal attack, explaining that she might not have trained in the Hart family "dungeon," but she's a fighter and deserves to be respected:

    Dear "wrestlers". (@NatbyNature & @theBethPhoenix) I may not have come from the Dungeon or experienced the independents, but I did make the decision 4 years ago when I won the DS that I was going 2 do whatever it took 2 b a champion - be it gym, training, matches, jiu-jitsu. We all start somewhere. The question is where do we end up?"

    "Look where u ended up @TheBethPhoenix @NatbyNature? Bitter, negative... blaming others 4 ur disappointments & with a false sense of arrogance. I may not be a great "wrestler" But I am a fighter. On the mat & off."



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