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    Default Will Batista or MVP Be Revealed as the "Free Agent" that Signed to TNA?

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    - Former WWE Superstar Dave Batista acknowledge a question from a fan, asking if he was the mysterious "free agent" picked up by Impact Wrestling.

    Dave [email protected]
    Seriously @BBPACK? I am a @WWE guy to the core.

    - Former WWE Superstar MVP also commented on the mysterious free agent announcement from Dixie Carter.

    [email protected]
    Nope. Wasn't me. I'm still "funemployed". RT @KCurtiss58: @The305MVP So is it you that Dixie signed?

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    You never know it can be anyone but i guess not Batista but MvP can.

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    Agree With Insideout It Will Not Batista For Sure

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