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    Default Batista Addresses The Negative Response to His WWE Return

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    Batista addresses his fan criticism and the negative response to his WWE return in a clip from his forthcoming DVD release. Here are a couple quotes from The Animal:

    "I'm just one of those people who never really cared about being cheered or booed. If they cheered me, it motivated me. If they booed me, it motivated me more."

    "Fans say I don't deserve it (Royal Rumble win). It's like they forgot the 10, 12 years beforehand."

    "I try to never be disrespectful. I left not because I wanted to leave, but because I needed to achieve some things on my own without the WWE."

    "To tell you the truth, I wish the crowd had been a little more supportive."

    "When I come back to WWE, I'm with WWE."

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    I agree the fans acted like d-bags when he returned. He deserved a lot more respect.

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    Davetistas heel run has produced some great stuff. I got a real kick out of him murdering whiny complaining babyface Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown.

    Its rare these days for a heel to be willing to be really despicable. Everyone wants to be the cool heel the fans secretly love. I applaud Batista for being willing to just be a straight up asshole in the ring.
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