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    Default Backstage Reaction to Seth Rollins Turning, Dean Ambrose Talk

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    The general feeling within WWE was that Seth Rollins turning on The Shield was good as far as mixing things up and came as a shock but there was still at least some negative reaction.

    Word is that there were more than a few people backstage questioning the logic of Rollins turning. Also, the belief from one source is that if they were going to split the group up, it should have been Dean Ambrose that turned.

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    Ambrose should have been the last person to turn, far too obvious! Reigns is being built up as a babyface so the only logical was Rollins

    Reigns would have been better from a mix it up point of view but I'm happy with the result

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    Reigns should've turned to make Evolution a stable full of strong and huge guys. Then Batista should've joined The Shield.



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