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    Default Backstage News Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose Going Their Separate Ways

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    It appeared on this week's RAW that Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns had split up as they didn't appear together and now have their own theme songs.

    Word coming out of RAW is that there is not going to be a formal split between Reigns and Ambrose but they are supposed to be going their separate ways.

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    Oh wow, that's actually pretty cool lol. It'll be fun to see Reigns go solo, but he needs new attire.

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    Classic WWE. No formal split to go there separate ways after being together from the beginning? That is dumb. They could have had a cool little segment about going there separate ways, I was hoping they would tag for a bit at least. Oh well let's see what happens. Was an epic faction we haven't seen in awhile. Gone too soon.



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