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    Default Backstage News on the RAW Puking Segment, Vince’s Reaction to Two Divas

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    - It’s been reported how Vince McMahon has been down on some of the newer WWE characters, including WWE Divas Champion Paige. Coming out of this week’s RAW, it was said that Vince is growing wary of Paige and continues to be losing interest in someone he was high on at one point, at least. It’s said there was a similar situation with Emma.

    - On a related note, it was reported that last Monday’s RAW was the first to have mostly Vince McMahon’s fingerprints all over it after he fired a head writer. That was evident by the puking segment with Vickie Guerrero and Stephanie McMahon. Word is that Triple H hated the segment and as expected, it was all Vince’s call.

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    HHH looked like he enjoyed the segment at the time, brought back some old school humour which is rare these days...

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    That puking segment was terrible. Why the hell does Vince like these types of things?



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