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    Default Backstage News on Daniel Bryan Joining The Wyatt Family

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    As seen on Monday’s RAW, Daniel Bryan joined The Wyatt Family after there had been plans for him to move on from the feud after the Royal Rumble.

    Word coming out of RAW is that Bryan joining The Wyatts was a rushed program with no out when the decision was made. A source pointed to the lack of logic in Bryan saying that he can’t beat “the machine” no matter what he does because The Wyatt Family has nothing to do with “the machine” (with “the machine” being The Authority). At one point a few months ago there was a plan to tie The Authority in with The Wyatt Family but the confusion goes back to WWE’s out of control on-the-fly booking lately.

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    Bryan is going to be ridiculously boring with the Wyatts. I hope WWE plans to release him from the Wyatts ASAP.



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