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    Default Backstage Heat on Brock Lesnar?

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    Like the The Rock during his various stops with WWE over recent years, there appears to be some resentment backstage toward Brock Lesnar.

    Wrestler resentment toward "The Great One" was based on myriad of reasons, including his part-time status, acting too "Hollywood" backstage, believing he returned just to promote his movies, and his overwhelming muscularity. In the case of Lesnar, many of the complaints stem from Lesnar appearing on a part-time basis.

    Unlike most WWE talent, Lesnar isn't on the road on a weekly basis, never works house shows and comes and goes as he pleases. While this has been the case since his return to the company in 2012, the heat is greater now than in the past when business was stronger.

    The WWE is a business first and foremost, and whether the Superstars backstage like it or not, he will continue to be billed in the main event and featured on a limited basis because it's "best for business," as Triple H often says. If he appeared on Raw and SmackDown every single week, it would not be long before became "just another guy," with his value diminished.

    What many WWE Superstars also fail to see is that the numbers should ascend with Lesnar drawing more attention to the product. More interest in WWE means more money will be spent on the WWE Network, which means greater paychecks for everyone involved.



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