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    Default "Mr. Ass" Billy Gunn: Mania Memories, Wrestling Today, More...

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    WrestleReunion: "Yeah, itís gonna be a lot of fun! I mean, thereís gonna be so much stuff going on in Miami because of not only WrestleReunion, Wrestlemania, everything else; itís gonna be crazy. But itís gonna be a lot of funóI meanóonce me and Brian (Road Dog Jesse James] get together, not even Wrestlemania can overshadow us!"
    Tag team wrestling today: "Right now, I think tags everywhere are a little weak, especially WWE. If you know anything about that company you know theyíre not high on tags anyway; itís all about singles and who their big single run can be."
    Downfall of tag team wrestling: "Itís just something thatís baffled me, and itís baffled everybody that Iíve talked to, and they always ask the same question: ďWhy are tags not all that prevalent up there?Ē And I canít ever answer that, I canít ever give a good reason. One may be because thereís no good stand-out tag-teams. Or maybe itís guys donít wanna be in tags anymore because everyone is so worried about themselves that they donít wanna have to worry about somebody else. Because when youíre in a tag, youíve gotta at least gel a little bit for it to work anyway. I donít have a great answer for that, I just wish they would put more emphasis in the tag division."
    On state of wrestling: "I think itís picking up a little bit. Poor John Cena (not ďpoor John CenaĒ money-wise), but poor John Cena! Heís carried that company for a long time. No matter what anybody says, no matter what people say about him or what they do, he has carried that company on his back a long time. Now, theyíre kind of stirring up the pot. I know theyíve done Wrestlemania a year out with him and [The] Rock; they have to bring something with that strong of a personality to kinda kick things back in gear Ďcause itís getting a little stale. And they started doing that with the CM Punk. Punk started talking crap about the company and everything which, in turn, stirred some question about what was going on. So people started tuning in and getting into it a little bit more. In the Attitude Era, you werenít getting just wrestling; you were getting all kinds of crazy stuff. It was what it was called: entertainment. You were entertained from the minute that Raw started to the minute it was over to making you want to want more. Thatís what the show was, thatís what Raw was all about in the Attitude Era: whatís making you want more. They would leave you hanging to make you just chomp at the bit all week to make you tune in to the next week. Now you watch the show like youíre watching an episode of ďThe FlinstonesĒ or something. Thereís nothing to keep your attention, or nothing to make you go Woah! Now this is what wrestling is! Yíknow, weíre all parents nowÖ theyíre constantly telling their kids about the Attitude EraóThe Rock, Stone Cold, DX, Mankind. Thereís a whole slew of people! Now when you mention wrestling itís John Cena. Not that thatís bad, but thatís where you get lost; thereís just nothing really interesting about the show."
    On WrestleMania: " This is the one most spectacular thing Iíve ever been involved with. Starting from right after the [Royal] Rumble, you start getting goosebumps because it is that good, it is that much fun, it is that entertaining. Itís like an event that youíll never, ever, ever experience in your life that you donít go to live. You can watch it on TV, but until youíre there, you have no idea how fun it is. Wrestlemania is the number one show of the year and they prove it because they hold nothing back. They let it all ripÖ It is phenomenal. It is probably the one greatest thing on Earth, to me anyway."

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